The History of the LoCo Urban Wellness Expo 2018

The Perfect Storm of Wisdom, Frivolity, and Functional Wellness in our Urban Oasis

The LoCo lifestyle can make anyone a little crazy!

Loudoun County and surrounding Northern Virginia has a culture all its own. We literally live and breathe in an area that makes headlines for the health, wealth, and other opportunities.

What we don’t always see is that we also have friends, neighbors, and others in the community with insight, information, products, and/or services that can make our lives even better. We may be too busy trying to beat traffic on our commute or making sure we are at the right soccer or ball field at the right time. Time out with friends? Time out for US!?! These are often the least of our priorities.

Little do we know, we could pass a reflexology expert on the sidewalk as we go to check our mail. Our favorite beverage could be just a pop-up store or farmer’s market away. Our kids could even hold the solution for another’s better living.

The LoCo Urban Wellness Expo 2018 will connect people to each other, offering solutions for better living… even in this LoCo world.

We all have something to offer; this is an opportunity to learn more about local businesses and meet other, like-minded neighbors who share your same passion, curiosity, and motivation for wellness.

Meet the Organizers

Jerome “Stache” Schlafer, E-RYT-200, YACEP launched Samskara Yoga & Healing in 2017, a community yoga enterprise that creates opportunities for EVERYONE to practice yoga. With neighborhood yoga spaces across Northern Virginia, Samskara Yoga & Healing is returning yoga back into the community… where it belongs. Jerome is also the founder of Mats for Mindfulness, a project that delivers yoga mats and props to underserved populations around the world.

Chelsea “Danger” Snyder, RYT-200, is the owner of MojoWriting, LLC, a digital and print publishing and marketing agency. SAVASANATION! is the culmination of over 20 years of marketing/publishing expertise and a passion for wellness information, services, and products.

Together, these crazy teachers/entrepreneurs got the idea to put together an urban wellness expo, LIKE NO OTHER, to give our entire community the chance to learn, grow, and connect with other wellness providers in the area.

LoCo Urban Wellness Expo 2018 Jerome Chelsea
LoCo Urban Wellness Expo 2018

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