rachel angel RCS

Reinvention Coaching Services | Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Is your job making you sick? Learn 3 groundbreaking principles to make any job more bearable while putting yourself on the path toward career fulfillment.

This workshop will:

  • Discuss ways that a current job can negatively affect physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
  • Provide a whole person quadrant analysis with takeaway instructions to help participants to work through their own quadrants.
  • Participants will complete their career story and then discover three actionable recommendations to improve their lives.


rachel angel RCSRachel Angel is a nationally certified counselor and career coach, recognized for her dynamic trainings and out-of-the-box thinking. A masters-level practitioner, she encourages clients who are stuck, those who are a little less stuck, and especially those who don’t realize they’re stuck to help them create a life of meaning and purpose. Her newest adventure, Reinvention Coaching Services LLC, combines her passion for helping people with her educational background in counseling and coaching to facilitate lasting change in body, mind, emotion, and purpose for those who seek answers.

Aaron Rosenthal is a Virginia certified career coach with a Master’s degree in Economics from VCU. He co-founded Reinvention Coaching Services LLC in order to assist others in realizing their broader potential in meaningful careers after feeling repeatedly miscast and underutilized in various roles. His logical approach to problem-solving helps clients see ways to narrow down their issues to core problems; combining this skill with his coaching training helps him facilitate purposeful and lasting change for those seeking answers and greater satisfaction.