Candace Retmier Le-Vel Thrive

Le-Vel Thrive – Retimer Group | The Thrive Life

No matter your wellness, health, or fitness concerns, you’ll find your answer at the Expo! Join us for these informative, mini-sessions, that provide answers about how to live The Thrive Life (and why you should give it a shot!)

  • The Thrive Life: Weightloss and Sense of Well Being
  • The Thrive Life: Fitness and Energy
  • The Thrive Life: Calming Muscle & Joint Discomforts
  • The Thrive Life: Why Le-Vel?

“We credit our success to several factors: our products, which are giving millions of customers a quality of life they’ve never had before; the powerful testimonials people are sharing about our products; our strong and supportive culture; and the fact that our business opportunity offers a simple, effective route to professional and personal achievement,” says Jason Camper, Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Co-CEO of Le-Vel. “So many Le-Vel Brand Promoters have been able to make their business their full-time calling, and many others have enjoyed being a part of the experience and community while continuing with their day jobs and full-time commitments. They’re living better lives, and they’re driven to help others live better lives.