Katie Baxter Thai Massage Bodywork

Katie Baxter | Thai Yoga Bodywork

After falling in love with the practice of Thai Yoga Bodywork in 2015, Katie Baxter has accumulated 500 training hours in Europe and Thailand. Katie is certified in the tradition of Thai Yoga through the Sunshine Network and is a 200 hour Sivananda Yoga teacher, prenatal teacher, and birth doula.

What is Traditional Thai Bodywork? Thai Bodywork or Thai Yoga Bodywork (TB) is a classic, healing bodywork system from Thailand. As we are learning more and more, there are layers and intricacies of the human body that also need attention for maximal health. Along with addressing physical pain, and mobility issues, TB works to release fascia, the connective tissue running through the body and clears energetic blockages along the meridian lines. Like yoga or Chinese Medicine, TB is a physical technique that provides deep healing on an energetic level as well, and also gives the mind a chance to rest in a meditative state