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Chelsea D. Snyder & Tonia Bultrowicz | Sounds & Silence: Restorative Yoga & Sound Therapeutics

Join Chelsea of Samskara Yoga & Healing and Tonia of Calming Winds for a restorative yoga session that includes sound therapeutics and meditation.

This workshop will allow you to:
  • Experience a new depth of your restorative and/or yin yoga practice
  • Start you on a road to cellular healing through sound therapy.
  • Take away a deeper understanding of your body, and how external sound and stimulation can create a better flow to release stress and anxiety.
Tonia Bultrowicz has her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and began her journey over 25 years ago when she worked as a Licensed Social Work professional in the mental health field. She began to realize that if you’re going to find harmony and balance in life it’s important to help individuals not only with their mind but with their body and spirit as well. She decided after ten years in the field to make it a priority to explore complementary health practices that could help not only her own family but others who had the same interest. [Read More about Calming Winds]
Chelsea D. Snyder has been regularly practicing yoga for over nine years and began teaching yoga in 2016. Chelsea is also a Reiki Master (2012), author, marketing consultant and business owner. With over a decade of music study, facilitating kids’ drumming classes and as a piano and voice teacher, Chelsea has seen the results of rhythm and music as auxiliary healing practices. She currently teaches yoga with Samskara Yoga & Healing and Calming Winds. [Read More about Samskara Yoga & Healing]