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Athena Scalise Waitt | Essentials for Hormone Happiness – Yes! It’s Possible!

No matter what age or stage, or even gender, we all are influenced for better or worse by the fluctuation of hormones (“horror-mones” for many!)

We don’t have to feel like they are always in charge with the help of therapeutic essential oils. Join us to learn some fascinating ways to take back control, ease discomfort and transform the nightmares into sweet dreams.
In this discussion, you will:
• Understand the horror-mone chaos within.
• Learn about essential tools to the rescue!
• Discover how quality matters, especially with essential oils.
Athena Scalise Waitt, owner of Wise Oils, LLC, is an Entrepreneur, dōTERRAWellness Advocate, and Essential Oil Educator. She has been on a wellness path for many years, due to several health challenges. She discovered dōTERRA in 2011, and witnessed great benefits for herself and her family over the years. She has been sharing essential wellness and the opportunity with others ever since! Athena, and her partners, have many hours of training and experience in sharing “Wealth Through Wellness” for abundant living and financial freedom. We look forward to sharing these life-transforming “Gifts of the Earth”! [Click to Learn More about Wise Oils, LLC]